Front Office

Front Office

Jason Simon

Executive Director/ Youth Director

Tyler Stevens

Executive Director/ Program Director

Scott Martin

Executive Director/ High School Director

Jake Stanbrough

Executive Director/ UAA Director

Sully Carter

Director of Pacific Northwest Girls

Geno Laney

Associate Director of High School Division

Malik Bray

Assistant of Director of UAA

Tyler Maxwell

Director of Development

Nate Donlevy

Graphic Artist

Carrie Frye

Social Media Coordinator


Mason Biddle

Director of San Diego

Brandon Cole

UAA Assistant Director/ Boys Sacramento

Jeff Bryant

Director of Valley

AJ Shearon

Director of Central

Elijah Rodriguez

Director of Silicon Valley

Marcus Forbes

Director of Girls and Girls UAA

Jimpee Saunders

Director of NorCal Youth Girls

Marnie Carter

Director of Nor Cal Girls

Pace Mannion

Director of Coach Development

Zeph Lee

Director of Strength and Conditioning

Clarissa Perez

Director of LA Girls

Claire Ogomori

Director of LA Girls Youth

Wallace Moore

Director of Community Outreach

Annie Malekos

Director of Girls Social Media

Doug Kim

Director of Girls Player Programs

Donte Archie

Assistant Boys UAA Director

Geno Laney

Director of Junior College Division