WCE UA Coaching Tree Grows

WCE UA Coaching Tree Grows

August 29, 2021

West Coast Elite UA Coaching Tree Grows

The West Coast Elite Under Armour coaching tree continues to grow bigger. West Coast Elite Under Armour now has thirty coaches at the DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and JuCo level. West Coast Elite has one of the most extensive presences of High School and College coaches in the history of grassroots basketball. Ryan Silver, President of West Coast Elite said, “We are so blessed we are able to change so many lives. We plan to continue to grow at placing coaches at all levels. West Coast Elite is a bridge for coaches to advance their careers. We have head coaches, assistant coaches and even athletic directors that want to coach at West Coast Elite. We have high character coaches for high character players.” The program has over forty coaches that coach at the high school level.  

The program has been equally successful in helping coaches careers continue to grow to the next level. Currently, West Coast Elite has over thirty coaches that are placed at every level of college along with jobs in the NBA. Silver said, “We are very excited about the coaching talent we have in our program. West Coast Elite is changing lives and we continue to build a culture of development not only for our players but for our coaches. With all the coaching talent we have I expect another five to ten coaches to be placed next year. I am very excited for all of them. This is a very exciting time to be a part of the West Coast Elite family.”

Some of the more recent notable coaches that were placed from the West Coast Elite family are Alex Stephenson, Minnesota Timberwolves, Matt Streich, Colorado College, Andre Mattson, Santa Cruz Warriors, and Wayne Hunter, Washington State.