WCE at the 2020 NBA Draft

WCE at the 2020 NBA Draft

June 6, 2020

Though this year has been quite a struggle for the entire world of basketball, the NBA Draft proved that not everything this year will be disappointing and deadly. The 2020 NBA Draft proved that as long as you work hard, you will get to the level of one day playing in the NBA with players like Stephen Curry, Dennis Smith Jr., and Joel Embid. The first three picks which belonged to Minnesota, Golden State, and Charlotte went like butter and just how everyone predicted. Anthony Edwards (Georgia), James Wisemen (Memphis), and LaMelo Ball(USA) are elite players and the front office of each team knew they drafted the perfect fit for their team. The picks continued to proceed throughout the afternoon and it was finally time for the Dallas Mavericks to pick at No.18. With their pick, they went no one else, but Josh Green from the University of Arizona. With his perfect combination of size, length, and physical abilities it is quite easy to see why the Mavericks fell in love with quite an elite player still there in the middle of the first round. He has tremendous upside and should have outstanding opportunities playing next to Luka Doncic in the backcourt. 

With the first West Coast Elite Alum off the board, it was time to refocus on the draft and see where the next superstar from WCEUA will land. Though it was a long time coming, it was finally the Golden State Warriors’ turn to draft in the middle of the second round. The Warriors drafted a center with the 2nd overall pick so it was only right they focused on the backcourt this time to help Stephen Curry this upcoming season. The Warriors decided to pick Nico Mannion from The University of Arizona which might be the steal of the entire draft at the middle of the second when this is all said and done. Nico brings elite scoring, playmaking, and leadership to the backcourt, with huge upside potential to one day be the face of an organization that is known to produce guards like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Monte Ellis. 

Not far after Nico, one of WCEUA’s most explosive players landed on the Indiana Pacers at No. 54. He goes by the name of Cassius Stanley and he is arguably the most explosive athlete in the entire draft. With an absurd 44 in vertical, it is easy to see how he will be a nightmare for any defense the Pacers play against. Besides his ridiculous athleticism, Cassius provides a 6’6 3-and-D player for the team to have in their arsenal to take down the hardest defensive objectives. Cassius is a future star and there is no doubt in my mind he will be in the NBA for a very long time.

Though the NBA Draft is made for 60 young men to get drafted by their future team and play in the biggest basketball league in the world, there is always room for more players and signings for those that could not squeeze in just in time to get their name called. Two players that come to mind are Tres Tinkle (Oregon State) and Malik Fitts (St. Mary’s) who each respectfully signed Exhibit 10 deals with the Lakers and Clippers. Both players bring elite scoring to the big man position on their separate teams and will look to snag those starting spots while proving everyone wrong at the same time.

With five players getting drafted into the NBA on the same night, one would need to look back at their history and where they played and developed, to see just how good the program really is. West Coast Elite is one of the more dominant associations on the West Coast and year in and year out they produce opportunities for young men and women to go to college and one day pursue their dreams in the big leagues. West Coast Elite is very proud of what they have accomplished and every single day they still strive to be better than they were before. Founder Ryan Silver said it best, “ We are very honored and blessed we had five West Coast Elite guys moving on to play in the NBA. West Coast Elite will continue to change kids and families’ lives in any way they can.”